About Me

Well, here goes nothing.

Today I am taking a step toward something I have thought about for a while now.

I am starting April’s Crumbery.

Yes, I am scared to death, but I know that this road of baking has been led by my heart.

It’s as natural to me as breathing. I know when I’m having emotional issues as it comes through in my baking.  I have to remember to take a breath and just let the baking lead me to happiness so I can relax and let go.

I have dabbled with thousands of recipes over the years.  And I have shared forced my taste testing with family and friends. If you have been one of my Guinea Pigs – I thank you from the bottom of my empty mixing bowl. You have kept me on the right path.

Truth is,  I get such a rush out of hearing that first sound when someone tries my dishes.

That sigh, the deep breath, and the Oh My Gosh reaction.  Nothing makes me happier.

I hope with this experiment, I will be able to show my boys that you can be happy doing what you enjoy.

I hope to show them that all it takes is a dream and drive.

The dream is now and my drive is strong –

All bake sale monies will put Chris one step closer to NYC 2016.


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